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¡Ojo con su visión!

Help raise awareness about eye health among Hispanics/Latinos

Hispanics/Latinos have some of the highest rates of eye disease, impaired vision, and blindness. They are also less likely to get regular comprehensive dilated eye exams, which is necessary to detect eye diseases in their earliest stages. It is important to spread the word among Hispanics/Latinos that vision loss can be prevented if eye disease is detected and treated early.

The NEHEP ¡Ojo con su visión! (Watch out for your vision!) Program is designed to help you raise awareness among Hispanics/Latinos about the importance of maintaining eye health. Our culturally and linguistically appropriate education resources provide information about how Hispanics/Latinos can protect their vision. Use these resources to share the following messages:

  • Eye diseases often have no early symptoms.
  • Early detection, timely treatment, and follow-up care are important to preventing vision loss and blindness.
  • Hispanics/Latinos should get regular comprehensive dilated eye exams.

Learn about Eye Disease among Hispanics/Latinos


Learn about eye disease among Hispanics/Latinos

Why is it important for Hispanics/Latinos to have a regular comprehensive dilated eye exam? Get important background information here.





Find everything you need to hold educational sessions about eye health.





Access educational materials, training tools, and other eye health resources.


Outreach Tools and Tips


Outreach tools and tips

Learn how to increase awareness about eye diseases and generate support from your local media.


Watch, Listen, and Learnn


Watch, listen, and learn

Hear from health professionals, community health workers, and people living with eye conditions in these videos, webinars, and more.


Social Media


Social media

Extend your reach with these messages created especially for social media.