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Mice with AQP0 mutations (top) had disorderly fiber cells compared to mice with healthy AQP0.

Loss or defects of a protein previously shown to play a key a role in cataract, the clouding of the lens that commonly strikes people in their seventies, has now been shown to contribute to presbyopia, the forty-something phenomenon when reading a menu by candlelight and threading a needle become newfound challenges

Posted on Aug 4, 2015
Children who slept near a cooking fire were four times as likely to develop severe trachoma compared with children who slept in ventilated rooms without cooking fires. This child’s severe trachoma led to loss of vision in his left eye. Photo courtesy of Raul Vasquez/Orbis.

Children who sleep in unventilated rooms with cooking fires are at greater risk for severe trachoma, a leading cause of preventable blindness in developing countries, according to the findings of a recent study conducted in Tanzania.

Posted on Jul 17, 2015
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