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January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. The National Eye Institute, part of NIH, is highlighting key facts about this blinding disease, important tips for prevention and treatment, and research updates you may not know about.


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It was Labor Day 2015 when Rosetta Ivey-Foster, a 76-year-old retired bank clerk, learned first-hand how quickly diabetes can deteriorate vision. Swift action restored most of her eyesight.

Chinfei Chen, Boston Children's Hospital (center), and Hollis Cline (right), Scripps Research Institute, react to comments by David Feldheim, University of California Santa Cruz,  during the 2015 National Eye Institute Audacious Goals  panel discussion, "Reconnecting Neurons in the Visual System."

Michael Crair, Yale University, and Carol Mason, Columbia University, have co-authored a report published online today in the Journal of Neuroscience. “Reconnecting Eye to Brain” is a comprehensive assessment of what scientists know about optic nerve development, regeneration, and reconnection.

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    January is Glaucoma Awareness Month!

    Encourage people at higher risk for glaucoma to make a resolution for healthy vision.

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    National Eye Health Education Program

    We’re striving to reach populations at higher risk for eye disease and vision loss and encourage the use of vision rehabilitation services.

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    NEI for Kids

    Our new pages for kids make learning about vision science and eye health fun with videos, optical illusions, and more.

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    We support promising vision research at institutions across the country and around the world.

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    Video: Next-Generation Eye Imaging Tools

    Learn about how the NEI Audacious Goals Initiative is supporting new imaging tools to view the eye, and see some of the stunning imagery.

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