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Educational Resources for Children

Ask a Scientist Video Series

Kids: Watch as NEI scientists answer questions about how eyes work, optical illusions, choosing a career in science, and more.

Educators: Include these videos in your classroom activities or homework assignments, or show them at after-school programs and community activities for kids.

Eyes at Night

Dr. Cheri Wiggs explains what our eyes do while we sleep and why we can’t see colors well in the dark.

In this series, NEI scientists answer questions from kids about vision, optical illusions, science careers, and more. Watch this month’s spotlighted video above or view all videos in the series.

If you or your children have questions to ask our scientists, tell us on Twitter! You can tweet your questions to @NatEyeInstitute with the hashtag #AskAScientist.

See All You Can See Activity Book Picture

See All You Can See Activity Book

  • Age: Elementary school.
  • Contains: Word puzzles, image search games, eye safety tips, classroom projects like cutouts and coloring pages, a glossary, and more to help children learn about parts of the eye, healthy vision, and eye safety.

See All You Can See Activity Book PDF* (13KB)

See All You Can See Eye Fun Fact Calendar Picture

See All You Can See Eye Fun Fact Calendar

  • Age: Elementary school.
  • Contains: Fun facts about sports-related eye safety, animal eyes, common eye conditions, and myths about eye health.

See All You Can See Eye Fun Fact Calendar PDF* (1.2KB)

Wild About Healthy VisionAgenda Book

Wild About Healthy Vision Agenda Book

  • Age: Middle school.
  • Contains: Eye-related myth busters and facts, an eye chart, word puzzles, eye safety tips, a glossary, and activities to help children learn about parts of the eye and how they work, healthy vision and eye diseases, and eye safety.

Wild About Healthy Vision Agenda Book PDF* (60KB)

Children's Eye Safety - Gear Up! Poster

Children’s Eye Safety - Gear Up! Poster

  • Age: Elementary school.
  • Contains: Sports trivia, fun facts about eyes and eye safety. A great way to teach school-aged children about preventing sports-related eye injuries and the need for protective eyewear.

Children’s Eye Safety - Gear Up! Poster PDF* (30KB)

Gear Up! Coloring Pages

Gear Up! Coloring Pages

  • Age: Elementary school.
  • Contains: Fun, black-and-white graphics of children using protective eyewear in sports. Print them out and let children color them in.

Gear Up! Coloring Pages PDF* (1.63MB)