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Eugene M. Johnson, Ph.D. [NEI Strategic Planning]

Eugene M. Johnson, Ph.D.

Eugene Johnson is the Norman J. Stupp Professor of Neurology, and Professor of Molecular Biology and Phamacology, at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. He serves as Co-Director of the Washington University Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. He received his undergraduate training in Pharmacy (1966) and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry (1970) from the University of Maryland.

Over the last 30 years his work has revolved mostly around role and mechanisms of neurotrophic factors in normal development, maintenance of the mature nervous system, and the pharmacological potential of these factors. Since reporting 15 years ago that neuronal death caused by trophic factor deprivation is an active, macromolecular sysnthesis-dependent process, his laboratory has focused on the elucidation of the biochemical and genetic pathways involved in, and the pharmacological manipulation of, this form of neuronal death.

An additional focus over the last several years has been the biology of the GFL family of neurotrophic factors (GDNF, neurturin, persephin, and artemin). He was a co-discoverer of the latter three members of this family.

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