National Eye Institute Workshop to Identify Gaps, Needs, and Opportunities in Ophthalmic Genetics

As part of its ongoing planning process, the NEI convened a workshop to identify the needs of the vision community with respect to ophthalmic genetics research. The meeting was held at the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia, on June 4-5, 2009. The agenda brought together experts in various ophthalmic genetics disciplines with experts at the forefront of genetics and bioinformatics technologies as well as specialists in cross-cutting biological systems. The participant list also included intramural and extramural scientists from the NEI.

Meeting Summary and Recommendations »

Meeting Charges

The goals of this meeting were:

  • to identify the scientific opportunities in ophthalmic genetics that will allow researchers to capitalize on new genetics methodologies and genomic technologies;
  • to establish a list of short-term goals and longer-term goals to move the ophthalmic genetics forward over the next decade while considering the most effective use of limited NEI resources.

White Papers: Diseases, Biological Systems, Approaches and Methodologies

Prior to the workshop, short white papers were prepared summarizing the progress in various fields of disease research, biological systems, approaches, and methodologies. These white papers represent the opinions of their authors, but not necessarily the views of the NEI. All white papers were distributed to participants in advance of the meeting.