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POST DATE: 4/2/2013
CLOSING DATE: 4/17/2013

Purchasing Agent:
Barbara Wilson/NIH/NEI
31 Center Drive MSC 2510
Bldg. 31, Room 6A-52
Bethesda, MD 20892
All responses must be submitted via email to:


Building 49 Central Animal Facility
Statement of Work for:
Surgical Light(s) Replacement

Due to limited and restricted access through the facility to the final installation site, the contractor shall plan for the demolition of existing lights and installation of the new lights during the hours of operations for the Central Animal Facility (CAF) are 6:00 am. until 5:00 pm. The contractor is responsible for any facility modifications and resultant damages.

All work shall be conducted in a manner that minimizes or prevents adverse impact to ongoing Building 49 Central Animal Facility (CAF) operations. Only existing utilities will be available for the demolition and installation of the equipment. It is the responsibility of the contractor to follow all applicable local, State, and Federal regulations, to include obtaining burns permits and having the appropriate safety equipment in place. In addition, all applicable CAF policies, procedures, personal protective equipment (PPE) and entry requirements shall be followed. The customer has determined that the existing structural mount in the ceiling is suitable and sufficient to carry the loads imposed by the new light fixtures.

The disposal of the existing, lights located in the 49/B1 Surgical area in Building 49, shall be disconnected in coordination with CAF Management and sectioned as necessary to facilitate removal. The contractor shall dispose of all debris from the job site within a 24-hour period. The old surgical lights will be staged in the B2 Hallway for Surplus. Staging and storage areas are very limited and will need to be coordinated through the CAF Management.

The contractor shall provide all labor and materials to perform the demolition and removal of the existing surgical lights located in the 49/B1 level Surgical Suites in Building 49. The contractor shall provide all labor and materials to perform the assembly and installation of the surgical lights to be located in the 49/B1 Surgical Suites. The Customer will provide the surgical lights to the contractor. This installation will include any needed alterations to the existing plates to include new plates if necessary to mount the surgical lights per manufacturer specifications. It will be the contractor responsibility to ensure that any necessary utilities are available for the lights as per manufacturer specifications. Lastly, the contractor shall patch and paint ceiling areas to match the existing as closely as possible. The contractor shall coordinate all work associated with this Task and shall be the main POC (Point Of Contact) for the CAF Management.

Last Updated: April 2013