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Procurement Opportunities

For additional information please contact:

Administrative Management Branch
National Eye Institute
(301) 496-4233

The National Eye Institute (NEI) Procurement Opportunities is a web-based system that allows NEI purchasing agents to post open market requirements for awards between $15,000 and $25,000 in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 13.105, FAR 5.101 and 5.203.

Current Requirements for NEI

V-Probe (Closes: 06/10/16)

Announcement Archives

Elisa Kits and Antibodies (Closes: 08/21/15)

Centrifuge, Superspeed Rotor, Fixed Angle Superspeed Rotor (Closes: 08/17/15)

V-Probe (Closes: 08/09/15)

Procurement of Specific Pathogen Free Swine (Closes: 08/09/15)

Supplements (Closes: 08/09/15)

Digital Indirect Ophthalmoscope (Closes: 07/02/15)

Procurement of Swine (Closes: 03/27/15)

Procurement of Swine,Yorkshire (Closes: 02-16-15)

CFX96 Touch Real-Time PCR Detection System (Closes: 08/28/14)

Lab Wear (Closes: 08/21/14)

Infinity Diode-Array Detector (Closes: 08-07-14)

Procurement of Swine (Closes: 7/30/14)

Plastic Excreta Pan (Closes: 7/21/14)

N2 Supplement 5ml (Closes: 06/02/14)

ThunderStorm™ System Supplies (Closes: 12/06/13)

Upgrade for Zeiss Imager Z1 microscope (Closes: 12/04/13)

Microscope-iPS Cell Research (Closes: 09/07/13)

Promega Power Plex S5 System Pro 400 Reaction STR Marker Analysis Kit (Closes: 09/10/13)

Laboratory Supplies (Closes: 08/23/13)

Stem Cell Work (Closes: 08/16/13)

Database Monitoring Software (Closes: 07/29/13)

3D Printer (Closes: 07/24/13)

Equipment Maintenance Renewal (Closes: 06/11/13)

IT Software Systems Support (Closes: 06/10/13)

Histology Equipment Maintenance (Closes: 06/03/13)

N2 SUPPLEMENT (Closes: 05/21/13)

Building 49 Central Animal Facility Outerwear/Protection (Closes: 04/25/13)

Building 49 Central Animal Facility Surgical Light(s) Replacement (Closes: 04/17/13)

Electrororetinography (Closes: 03/25/13)

Last Reviewed: 
May 2016