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National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)

Vision and Aging: Resources

NEHEP has additional information on vision and aging as well as ideas on how to use educational resources in your community.

See Well for a Lifetime Toolkit

See Well for a Lifetime Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for professionals who work with older adults in community-based settings to help convey science-based, easy-to-understand information eye health, age-related eye diseases and conditions, comprehensive dilated eye exams and how people can protect their sight as they age.

Also available in Spanish | También disponible en español

Tip sheets for health and community professionals

Tip Sheets for Health and Community Professionals

While vision loss is not a normal part of aging, older adults are at higher risk for certain eye diseases and conditions, including age-related macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and dry eye. Download these tip sheets for resources you can use to help educate older adults about what they can do to take care of their eyes and reduce the risk if vision loss.


Vision and Aging Infographics

Vision and Aging Infographics

Add these graphics to an article, story, newsletter, or website to provide at-a-glance information on what older adults can do to keep their eyes healthy and help prevent vision loss.

Vision and Aging Infocards

Vision and Aging Infocards

Infocards are a quick and easy way to share messages on your website or through social media. Feel free to use these all year long.

Drop-in Articles

Use these articles in any of your publications or newsletters to educate older adults about eye health and the importance of dilated eye exams.

Educating Older Americans About Their Aging Eyes Webinar

Watch this webinar for an overview of the growing prevalence of age-related eye diseases and conditions, their lack of early symptoms, the importance of comprehensive eye exams, and resources available to educate older adults about eye health and preventing vision loss and blindness.

Dilated Eye Exam Animation

Watch this animation to learn all about a dilated eye exam.

Age-related Eye Diseases and Conditions Web Page

Provides a consumer-friendly forum where people can learn important information age-related eye diseases and conditions.

Age-related Eye Diseases and Conditions Web Page

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September is Healthy Aging® Month

Use these resources to help raise awareness about eye health and the importance of dilated eye exams during Healthy Aging® Month.

All NEI Vision and Aging Resources

Download other vision and aging resources and materials.