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Low Vision - For Health Professionals and Community Educators

Resources and Materials for Health Professionals and Community Educators

When nothing more can be done for a patient from a medical or surgical standpoint, vision rehabilitation can make a world of difference to a person adjusting to vision loss and should be considered part of the continuum of care.

Vision Rehabilitation: Helping People with Low Vision—Fact Sheet

Vision Rehabilitation: Helping People with Low Vision

Download this fact sheet for health and social service professionals to learn about low vision and how you can encourage individuals to seek out services that can help them to remain independent and enjoy an active life.

Living With Low Vision: Stories of Hope and Independence

Watch this video and share it with your colleagues to learn more about how you can help your patients with low vision make the most of their remaining vision and improve their quality of life by referring them for vision rehabilitation services.

Educational Resources to Use with Patients

What you should know about low vision booklet

Order the What you should know about low vision booklet with complementary DVD to help patients learn more about the benefits of vision rehabilitation.

Download booklet (English) PDF*

Download booklet (Spanish) PDF*

Watch the video and Patient Profiles (English)

Watch the video and Patient Profiles (Spanish)

Living with Low Vision Educational Module

First slide of Living with Low Vision presentationThis educational module provides everything needed for health educators to conduct educational sessions in their community about low vision, the benefits of vision rehabilitation services, and where to get more information.

Download the PowerPoint or PDF

Download the Speaker’s Guide