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National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)

Keep Vision in Your Future: Glaucoma Toolkit

This Toolkit contains science-based, user-friendly information designed to help you educate people in your community about glaucoma. The following information provides suggestions on how to use the materials in this Toolkit.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • The PowerPoint presentation (also available as a PDF*) is an introduction to glaucoma, how it is detected and treated.
  • You will need access to a computer/laptop in order to present. Ideally, you can also project the slides onto a screen using an LCD projector.
  • If you do not have access to a LCD projector, you can print out copies of the PowerPoint slides for participants and ask them to follow along.
  • To assist you in presenting, use the talking points in the speaker’s guide.
  • This PowerPoint presentation works well with small and large groups, so consider giving this presentation at community health fairs and faith-based functions.

Speaker’s Guide

  • The speaker’s guide PDF* accompanies the PowerPoint presentation and it includes talking points for each slide.
  • The talking points correspond with each of the bullets on the PowerPoint slide.
  • No prior knowledge of eye health is necessary. All the information you need to present is included in the speaker’s guide.
  • If the attendees ask questions that are not directly addressed on the slide, please reply by referring them to their eye care professional or to the NEI Glaucoma Website.
  • Do not hand out copies of the speaker’s guide to attendees.

Promotional Announcement

  • This announcement PDF* can be posted in a flyer or incorporated into newsletters or other publications to publicize your glaucoma educational session.
  • Tailor the announcement to indicate the time, date, and location of your session.
  • Customize the announcement by adding your organization’s logo.

Participant Handouts

A variety of handouts are available for you to print and distribute to participants. These include the following:

Distribute the handouts after you finish the presentation.

Participant Evaluation Form

  • Print out copies of the evaluation form PDF* and ask participants to fill one out after your presentation. This information can help you in preparing for future presentations.
  • NEHEP is also interested in getting feedback from participants. If you would like to share these evaluations, please mail them to-

31 Center Drive MSC 2510
Bethesda, MD 20892-2510

Let us hear from you!

Please share any comments or suggestions you have about your experience in using this glaucoma toolkit. Your feedback is very important to us! Leave feedback.