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Keep Vision in Your Future: Glaucoma Toolkit

The Keep Vision in Your Future Glaucoma Toolkit is designed to help you increase awareness about glaucoma by conducting educational sessions in your community. This toolkit includes everything you need including a PowerPoint presentation, speaker’s guide, participant handouts and more. Use the materials provided in this toolkit to educate others on:

Glaucoma toolkit materials

  • How glaucoma affects vision and about its lack of early warning signs
  • Who is at higher risk of getting glaucoma
  • How the disease can be detected early
  • What can be done to protect vision

Tips for Using the Glaucoma Toolkit

Toolkit Materials

Materiales del kit en español

Glaucoma Resources Available from NEHEP

In addition to this Toolkit, NEHEP offers a wide variety of educational resources and materials in English and Spanish to help you raise awareness about glaucoma. Visit our Glaucoma Educational Resources page to find these materials and ideas for how to use them.

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