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National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)

Diabetic Eye Disease Educational Resources and Materials

Educational Resources and Materials

The National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) has additional information on diabetic eye disease and ideas on how to use these resources in your community.

evergreen diabetic eye disease social media toolkit

Diabetic Eye Disease Social Media Toolkit

Download the Diabetic Eye Disease Social Media Toolkit to find a variety of resources and ideas for promoting awareness about diabetic eye disease across social media platforms.

Diabetic Eye Disease Social Media Toolkit

Educating African Americans about Diabetic Eye Disease thumbnail

Tip Sheets for Health and Community Professionals

Some populations are at higher risk for vision loss from diabetic eye disease. Download these tip sheets to learn more about how it affects each population and what you can do to help prevent vision loss and blindness.

Educating African Americans about Diabetic Eye Disease

Educating Older Adults about Diabetic Eye Disease

Educating American Indians/Alaska Natives about Diabetic Eye Disease

Educating Hispanics/Latinos about Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic Eye Disease Infographic Thumbnail

Diabetic Eye Disease Infographics

Add these graphics to an article, story, newsletter, or website to provide at-a-glance information on diabetic eye disease, how many people have it, the lack of symptoms, who’s at higher risk, and what can be done to help prevent vision loss.

Download the Diabetic Eye Disease Infographic

Download Diabetic Eye Disease Among Hispanics/Latinos (English)

Download Diabetic Eye Disease Among Hispanics/Latinos (Spanish)

Download the Diabetic Retinopathy Infographic






TRACK Infographics Thumbnail

TRACK Infographic and Infocards

Add the TRACK message infographic to an article, story, newsletter, or website to provide at-a-glance information on keeping your patients’ health on TRACK.

Download the horizontal TRACK Infographic

Download the vertical TRACK Infographic

If You Have Diabetes…Infocard

Si tiene diabetes…Infocard

TRACK Infographic Animation

TRACK Infographic Animation

Watch this animation to learn the important steps that people with diabetes can take to protect their vision from diabetic eye disease.

Watch the TRACK animation


Diabetic Eye Disease Infocards

Diabetic Eye Disease Infocards

Infocards are a quick and easy way to share messages on your website or through social media. Feel free to use these all year long.

Adults Age 50+ Are at Higher Risk

Personas mayores de 50 años en alto riesgo

Keep Diabetes in Control

Mantén tu diabetes bajo control

New Treatments

Nuevos tratamientos

Only ½ Get Dilated Eye Exams

Solo la ½ de las personas se hacen examen de los ojos

Diabetic Eye Disease Drop-in Articles

Diabetic Eye Disease Drop-in Articles

Use these articles in any of your publications or newsletters to educate people about diabetic eye disease and the importance of a dilated eye exam.

General Audience
5 Things You Should Know About Diabetic Eye Disease

Prevent Vision Loss From Diabetes

How Much Do You Know About Diabetic Eye Disease?

Stay on TRACK To Prevent Blindness From Diabetes Article

African American Audience
Stay on TRACK To Prevent Blindness From Diabetes Article—African American audience

American Indian and Alaska Native Audience
Stay on TRACK To Prevent Blindness From Diabetes Article—American Indian/Alaska Native audience

Hispanic/Latino Audience Spanish
Si tiene diabetes, siga estos consejos para prevenir la pérdida de la visión

screen from a diabetic eye disease video

Diabetic Eye Disease Vodcast

Watch this vodcast and link to it from your website so others can learn about:

  • How people with diabetes can avoid vision loss
  • Treatment options for diabetic eye disease
  • How often people with diabetes need a dilated eye exam
  • Where to find more information

screen from a diabetic eye disease animation video

Diabetic Eye Disease Animation

Watch this animation to learn how diabetic eye disease affects the blood vessels in the eye and impairs vision.

toolkit flipchart image

Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit

This educational toolkit for community health workers and health promoters provides information and tools to help educate people about diabetic eye disease in small group settings. The toolkit contains a step-by-step module, a flipchart (18” by 12”) and other resources.

Learn more about the toolkit

Take online tutorial

Download the Diabetes & Healthy Eyes Toolkit

Order the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit
English |Spanish

Cover of the booklet

Watch Out for Your Vision! Read this story if you have diabetes

An illustrated comic book style booklet designed to educate Hispanics/Latinos with diabetes about the eye complications of the disease.

Download this booklet
English PDF* |Spanish PDF*

Order the Watch Out for Your Vision! Booklet
English |Spanish

 An Educator's Guide

Diabetic Eye Disease: An Educator’s Guide

The Educator’s Guide is a patient education tool for health professionals and community-based educators who work with people who have diabetes. It is formatted as a desktop flipchart with text to guide discussions and illustrations to show the patient. It also includes a CD that features modules that patients can use on their own, a PowerPoint that can be used for presentations, and English and Spanish presentations that can be printed in PDF format. A Spanish-language version is also available.

Order the Educator’s Guide
English | Spanish

Download the Educator’s Guide
English PDF* | Spanish PDF*

Drop-In Article

Promote the Flipchart: Drop-in Article Download

This drop-in article promotes Diabetic Eye Disease: An Educator’s Guide. Download the Word document in English or Spanish for use in your publication.

English Download: PDF* | Word
Spanish Download: PDF* | Word

Medicare cards

Medicare Benefits Card: Glaucoma & Diabetic Eye Disease

A promotional card developed with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to promote the glaucoma and diabetic eye disease benefits under Medicare. The cards come in packets of 50. The cards are appropriate for distribution at health fairs, meal sites, senior centers, and other community locations.
Also available in Spanish: Tarjeta sobre los beneficios de Medicare: El Glaucoma y la Enfermedad Diabética del Ojo.

Order the Medicare Benefits Card
English | Spanish


Diabetic Eye Disease Education Website

Provides a consumer-friendly forum where people can learn important information about early detection, treatment, and follow-up care for diabetic eye disease, as well as order educational materials.

Diabetic Eye Disease Education Webpage
English | Spanish

Don't Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease

Don’t Lose Sight of Diabetic Eye Disease

Information for people with diabetes. Preventing and treating diabetic eye disease (diabetic retinopathy, cataract, or glaucoma) before vision loss occurs. All people with diabetes need to get a dilated eye exam at least once a year. (5 pages)

English | Spanish

English | Spanish

Spanish Diabetes Poster


Track Poster

Lo bello entra por los ojos…no deje que la diabetes cierre esa ventana (Beauty enters through the eyes. Don’t let diabetes close the window.)
Este afiche promueve el examen anual de los ojos con dilatación de pupilas y ofrece consejos sobre como mantener hábitos saludables para controlar la diabetes. (Afiche)
Includes a reminder message about receiving an annual dilated eye exam and offers tips about how to engage in healthy behaviors to control diabetes. (Poster)

Lo bello entra por los ojos Poster

PSAs available

Print and Radio Public Service Announcements

Use these print and radio PSAs to educate people in your community about diabetic eye disease.




Eye Exam

November is National Diabetes Month

Use these resources to help raise awareness about diabetic eye disease during this observance.



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