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Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit

Also available in Spanish | También disponible en español

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The Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit provides community health workers with tools to inform people with diabetes about diabetic eye disease and offers tips on how to maintain healthy vision. Perfect for small educational sessions, the kit contains an educational module, flipchart, and handouts. Online orders also include the Watch Out for Your Vision! brochure, Medicare benefit card, publications order form, evaluation form, and CD-ROM. The English version includes a TRACK magnet and the Spanish version includes a poster. You can also download each toolkit resource.

Download Module for health promoters PDF [800 KB] An educational module to learn how to lead sessions and use the various resources.

Download Flipchart for health promoters PDF [1.3 MB] The toolkit flipchart as a PDF.

Download Flipchart for health promoters PPT The toolkit flipchart in a PowerPoint format.

Download Appendix A: Diabetes risk factors PDF [153 KB] An overview of five risk factors for diabetes—obesity, family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol/high triglycerides, and gestational diabetes.

Download Appendix B: The ABCs of diabetes control PDF [175 KB] A description of six ways people with diabetes can keep diabetes under good control.

Download Appendix C: Local eye health team resources PDF [174 KB] A template to create a custom list of contacts that make up a person’s eye health team.

Download Appendix D: Talking to your doctor PDF [174 KB] Questions you can ask your doctor to start the conversation about your diagnosis and treatment for your eye disease or condition.

Download Appendix E: Action plan PDF [149 KB] A plan with action items to make vision a health priority.

Download Appendix F: Numbered papers PDF [147 KB] A number system to ensure confidentiality on the participant pretest and posttest.

Download Appendix G: Attendance sheet PDF [171 KB] A sheet to keep track of the participants in your educational session.

Download Appendix H: Pretest for participants PDF [149 KB] A pretest that will help assess the level of knowledge of the participants in your session.

Download Appendix I: Posttest for participants PDF [151 KB] A posttest that will help determine how much new knowledge was gained as a result of the educational session.

Download Appendix J: Educational activity questions PDF [120 KB] A question-and-answer activity to generate discussion among participants.

Download Appendix K: Glossary PDF [151 KB] The definition of terms commonly used when talking about diabetes.

Download Parts of the eye PDF [1.2 MB] A diagram of the eye showing the location of the cornea, iris, lens, macula, optic nerve, retina, and vitreous gel.