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National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)


NEHEP Partnership

“Eye diseases pose an enormous threat to our citizens. Many who are at increased risk of blindness from these diseases do not know that there are precautionary measures they should take to help save their sight.”

—1988 U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee Report

The NEHEP Partnership consists of more than 60 public and private national-level organizations that engage in eye health education. The purpose of the partnership is to establish ongoing, interactive, mutually beneficial relationships with the National Eye Institute and other organizations to achieve NEHEP goals and objectives.

The ability of NEHEP to support eye health education programs that affect communities depends heavily on the work of the NEHEP Partnership. The partnership is one of the primary vehicles through which NEHEP is able to promote critical eye health messages, disseminate the latest eye research findings, and facilitate communication.

Partnership responsibilities

Organizations that make up the NEHEP Partnership focus on providing eye health information to their members and affiliates and ensure eye health messages reach people at higher risk for eye diseases and vision loss. Partnership organizations:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of NEHEP activities.
  • Promote collaboration among NEHEP Partnership members.
  • Endorse strategies and activities to further the aims of NEHEP.
  • Exchange information, views, and materials on eye health education.
  • Assist NEHEP in efforts to educate groups at higher risk for eye diseases and conditions.

See the entire list of NEHEP partners. NEHEP also collaborates with state and community-based organizations to provide science-based, eye health information. Contact us if your organization is interested in working with NEHEP.