Neurobiology Neurodegeneration and Repair Laboratory Data Resource

The page contains useful data resources for the scientific community and lists specific supporting supplementary material for publications submitted to peer-reviewed journals by NNRL.

  • Sharda P. Yadav, Hong Hao, Hyun-Jin Yang, Marie-Audrey I. Kautzmann, Matthew Brooks, Jacob Nellissery, Bernward Klocke, Martin Seifert, Anand Swaroop; The transcription-splicing protein NonO/p54nrb and three NonO-interacting proteins bind to distal enhancer region and augment rhodopsin expression. Hum Mol Gen 2013. Supplementary Material.
  • Hong Hao, Douglas S. Kim, Bernward Klocke, Kory Johnson, Kairong Cui, Norimoto Gotoh, Chongzhi Zang, Janina Gregorski, Linn Gieser, Fann Yan, Martin Seifert, Keji Zhao, Anand Swaroop; Transcriptional Controlof Homeostasis in Mammalian Rod Photoreceptors; Manuscript submitted in Oct 2011. Supplemental Data
  • Matthew J Brooks, Harsha Karur Rajasimha, Jerome E Roger, Anand Swaroop; Next Generation Sequencing Facilitates Quantitative Analysis of Wild Type and Nrl-/- Retinal Transcriptomes; Manuscript submitted to Molecular Vision 2011. Supplementary material.