Focus on Fellows, 2007 Program


Thursday September 6, 2007

Time Session
8:30 Registration
8:45 Welcome Remarks
Dr Sheldon Miller, Scientific Director, NEI
9:00 Maximizing Mentoring Relationships
Dr Sharon Milgram, Director, NIH training program, Office of Intramural Training and Education
10:00 Break
  Oral Presentations
10:30 A second path from eye to cortex: relay neurons in the primate pulvinar
R.A. Berman, R.H. Wurtz, LSR
10:55 Evidence for Notch(2) signaling in lens differentiation
S. Saravanamuthu, CY Gao, PS Zelenka, LMDB
11:20 Methionine sulfoxide reductase A (MSRA) gene is regulated by two promoters.
I. Pascual, I.R. Rodriguez, LRCMB
11:45 Inflammatory Cytokines Inhibited PDGF-C and -D Induced Human RPE Proliferation/Migration
R. Li, A. Maminishkis, F. Wang, T. Banzon, S. Jalickee, S. Miller, OSD
12:10 Clinical and Genetic Study of Ocular von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) Disease
W. Wong, E. Agron, H. Coleman, G. Reed, M. Linehan, J. Peterson, G. Glenn, E. Chew, OGVFB
12:35 Essential role for IL-23 but not for the Th17 effector response in pathogenesis of experimental ocular autoimmunity.
D. Luger, Phyllis Silver, Daniel Cua, Zoe Chen, Yoichiro Iwakura, Edward Bowman, Nicole Sgambellone, Chi-Chao Chan, Rachel Caspi, LI
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Workshop on Visas issues
Amy Powers, Immigration Policy Analyst, and Vivian Weaver, Senior Immigration Specialist, Division of Immigration Services)
J-1 issues
Life after NIH (what are the options)
15:15 Break

Thursday September 6, 2007

Time Session
15:30 Grants workshop (Extramural team)
NEI Funding 101
Lore Anne McNicol PhD.,
Director of Extramural Research, NEI

Postdoc to Independent Investigator  Funding your Research Career
Chyren Hunter PhD.,
Program Director and Training Officer, NEI

Does the Intramural Post Doctoral Training Program Prepare You for a Career as an Independent Investigator in Academics?
Nancy J. Philip, PhD.,
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology, Anatomy, and Cell Biology
Thomas Jefferson University

Introduction to NEI Extramural Programs: Research Highlights
Retina Programs, Andrew Mariani, PhD.
Anterior Segment, Ellen Liberman, PhD.
Neuroscience, Michael Oberdorfer, PhD.
Clinical Research, Donald Everett, MA.

17:00 Meeting adjourned

Friday September 7, 2007

Time Session
8:45 Overview of the NEI fellows population
Dr Sarah Sohraby, Deputy Scientific Director
9:00 Key note lecture  “Gene Sharing, Neutrality and Thoughts on Science and Being a Scientist”
Dr Joram Piatigorsky, Chief, Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology, NEI
10:00 Break
  Oral Presentations
10:20 Intermediate uveitis and retinal pigment epithelial dysfunction following tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte and interleukin-2 immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma S. Yeh, R. Bishop, W. Wong, Z. Li, R. Caruso, G. Levy-Clarke, D. Palmer, N. Restifo, S. Rosenberg, R. Nussenblatt, LI
10:40 Closing the Gap: Novel Participants in Optic Fissure Closure. J. Brown, R Bonner, P Munson, S Loftus, R Alur, F Onojafe, W Chan, B Brooks, OGVFB
11:00 Expression of c-fos in an Experimental CNV model
M. Campos, J. Amaral, J. Tsai, P. Becerra, R. Fariss, OSD
11:20 A PEDF receptor in the retina: Structure-function relationships.
S. Locatelli-Hoops, L. Notari, R. Heredia, S.P. Becerra, LRCMB
11:40 Olfactomedin and myocilin: new roles in normal eye development and pathology.
N. Nakaya, H-S LEE, H-S Kwon, S. Tomarev, LMDB
12:00 A top-down origin of choice-related activity in sensory neurons.
H. Nienborg, Bruce G. Cumming, LSR
12:30 Lunch
13:00 The GRIP and FIRCA programs, Dr Aron Primack, Program Officer
Division of International Training and Research, The Fogarty International Center
13:45 Workshops on Career Training, Patricia M. Sokolove, Ph.D.Deputy DirectorOffice of Intramural Training & Education, NIH
14:15 FELCOM presentation  Bobbie Austin
14:30 General discussion
14:45 Closing remarks and AWARDS Presentation
3:00 Meeting Over