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Focus on Fellows, Acknowledgements


Dr. Sarah Sohraby, NEI Deputy Scientific Director, thanks:

  • Dr. Ana Chepelinsky, for meeting with the fellows and collecting information on their careers at NEI
  • Anna Harper, for implementing and updating the NEI fellows website and Focus on Fellows in particular
  • Dr. Loré Anne McNicol and her extramural team
  • Dr. Sheldon Miller, for his help and support
  • Lynn Novelli, for taking care of the logistics, from parking stubs to ice-cream treats
  • Kiho Oum, at the Café Gallery and Market at Twinbrook
  • Candelario Zapata and his NIH Division of International Services (DIS) team
  • The NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)
  • The referees, for their expertise and time in selecting the recipients of the travel awards
  • The fellows, the PIs, and the lab chiefs, for their enthusiastic participation