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Careers and Training

2003 NEI Summer Student Experiences

Anita Katikineni

During my summer at NEI I had the opportunity to learn a great deal while getting to know some really inspiring people. Under the guidance of my mentor, Dr. Karl Csaky, I studied a protein component of a cell death signaling pathway that affects the development of macular degeneration. Using recombinant DNA technologies, I looked at mitochondrial permeability changes of retinal cells due to tBID protein expression. We made some interesting findings that I hope to further explore next summer. Having my own project helped me to become comfortable with several new techniques and provided me with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the summer.

In addition to my experience in the lab I often took advantage of the many other valuable sources of information that were available at NIH. The scientists and staff were always willing to provide any type of information or advice that I desired. Lectures held for summer students and general staff provided useful information and varying perspectives. The nurturing environment and ample resources provided an ideal introduction into the research world. Although I plan to go to medical school, this past summer has been a rewarding experience, and I hope to continue to participate in research over the course of my education and possibly beyond..

Anita Katikineni
Completed her freshman year at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland