May is Healthy Vision Month

Celebrate Healthy Vision Month This May

During Healthy Vision Month, held each May, the National Eye Institute (NEI) reminds Americans to make their eye health a priority and encourages them to take important steps to protect their sight.

Join in the celebration! The Healthy Vision Month website,, has English and Spanish resources and materials available to help spread the word during May and throughout the year, including:

  • Messages for Facebook and Twitter
  • Web buttons to post to your website or blog
  • Videos with tips on keeping your eyes healthy
  • An animation of a dilated eye exam from a doctor’s point of view
  • Infocards and infographics to share through social media, including Pinterest
  • Posters to download and hang in your local library, grocery store, doctor’s office, and other community settings.
  • A prewritten article for your print and online publications, blogs and newsletters.
  • A Thunderclap, which is a tool that allows many people and organizations to share the same message at the same time across their social media platforms.

Let’s celebrate Healthy Vision Month together! No effort is too small when encouraging people to make their vision last a lifetime.