Teaching Tools

Resources for Promoting Eye Health

Healthy Eyes Bulletin (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Email this Bulletin to people in your community, those your work with, and others you care about to help them learn more about taking care of their eyes. Topics include Simple Tips for Healthy Eyes, Tips for Finding an Eye Care Professional, The Dilated Eye Exam, and Financial Assistance for Eye Care.

Refractive Error Fact Sheet (PDF*)

[English / Español]
Use this fact sheet to find information and statistics about common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Presentation Tools

See Well for a Lifetime: An Educational Series on Vision and Aging

The See Well for a Lifetime Toolkit includes three educational modules that can be used as individual presentations or that can build on each other as a series to educate older adults about eye health. Each module includes a presentation, speaker’s guide and supplemental materials.

Sports-Related Eye Injury Speaker’s Guide (PDF*)

Download this presentation to inform parents, coaches, teachers, and other adults about sports-related eye injuries, the cost of eye injuries, eye safety, and the need for protective eyewear. The presentation includes a detailed speaker’s guide with background information and statistics. The presentation is also viewable in PowerPoint.

Diabetes and Healthy Eye Toolkit

Available in English and Spanish, the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit provides community health workers and health educators with unique tools to inform people with diabetes and their loved ones about diabetic eye disease and maintaining healthy vision.

Diabetic Eye Disease: An Educator’s Guide

Available in English and Spanish, this patient education tool for health professionals and community educators who work with people who have diabetes is as a desktop flipchart with text to guide discussions and illustrations to show the patient. Includes a CD that features modules patients can use on their own, a PowerPoint slide presentation, and English and Spanish presentations that can be printed in PDF format. Order the Educator’s Guide.