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NEI Past Publications

A number of past NEI publications which may be of general interest to the vision research community are now available in a PDF format. Please email Dr. Michael A. Steinmetz at steinmem@mail.nih.gov if you would like to receive a copy. (The originals of several of these documents are old mimeographs. Quasi-legible pages result from poor quality originals, not from the scanning process.)

Clinical Trials Supported by the National Eye Institute: Evaluating New Approaches to the Treatment of Eye and Vision Disorders

  • 1988: NIH Publication No. 88-2910
  • 1990: NIH Publication No. 90-2910
  • 1993: NIH Publication No. 93-2960

National Eye Institute Annual Report

  • FY1969
  • FY1970
  • FY1973
  • FY1987, Accomplishments and Opportunities
  • FY1987, NAEC Recommendations

Program Planning Documents

Overview of NEI Program Planning Documents (Microsoft Word Document)

  • 1965 Ophthalmic Research: U.S.A., A National Survey Report, Research to Prevent Blindness
  • 1975 Vision Research Program Planning. Report of the National Advisory Eye Council. Vision Research Program Planning Committee.
    Volume 1: Introduction, Program Summary, and Recommendations
    Volume II: Research Program Analysis
  • 1976 Interim Report of the National Advisory Eye Council, Support for Vision Research
  • 1982 An Exhibit Presented at the 1982 ARVO Meeting
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