The Eye Clinic: Learn about clinical trials

A Volunteer’s Bill of Rights

As a participant in a clinical trial, you have the right to:

  • Know all of the risks and benefits of the treatment involved in the study.
  • Know how, for how long, and where the researchers plan to carry out the study.
  • Know what is expected of you in the study.
  • Know any costs involved for you or your insurance company.
  • Be aware of any medical and personal information that is shared with other researchers who are directly involved with the study.
  • Talk openly with doctors.
  • Ask questions about the study.
  • Leave the study at any time after enrolling. However, you should not enroll if you think you may be unable to complete the study.
  • Receive any new information about the treatment that becomes available during the study.
  • Be informed of your treatment assignment after the study is completed.
  • Maintain your privacy even after your participation is completed. Your name should not appear in any reports based on the study.

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