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First accurate images of glaucoma-related eye structure taken by adapting telescope technology

October 15, 2019

Using methods originally developed by astronomers to view stars more clearly through Earth's atmosphere, optometry researchers at Indiana University have taken the first undistorted microscopic images of a part of the eye involved in glaucoma.

Glaucoma Detection Gets Potential Boost from Virtual Reality, Brain-Based Device

January 29, 2019

A wearable brain-based device called NGoggle that incorporates virtual reality could help improve glaucoma diagnosis and prevent vision loss.

Study suggests glaucoma may be an autoimmune disease

August 10, 2018

Research from MIT and Massachusetts Eye and Ear points to an autoimmune response as the driver of optic nerve damage in a mouse model of glaucoma.

Eye conditions provide new lens for screening for Alzheimer’s

August 8, 2018

Researchers from the University of Washington find link between certain eye conditions and the risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Gene regulator may contribute to protein pileup in exfoliation glaucoma

July 19, 2018

Scientists have evidence that variants of the same gene that enables us to make connective tissue by crosslinking proteins is associated with unusual glaucoma.

NEI funded researchers identify 133 genetic variants that predict glaucoma risk

May 31, 2018

Researchers funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI) have identified 133 genetic variants that predict with 75-percent accuracy a person’s risk for developing glaucoma related to elevated pressure within the eye.

Butterfly Wings Inspire Light-Manipulating Surface for Medical Implants

April 30, 2018

Inspired by tiny nanostructures on transparent butterfly wings, engineers at Caltech have developed a synthetic analogue for eye implants that makes them more effective and longer-lasting.

New imaging technique by IU researchers could improve the diagnosis, treatment of glaucoma

March 6, 2018

New ophthalmoscopy method obtains high-definition, high-contrast images of translucent cells where the disease originates.

NEI support paved early pathway for novel glaucoma therapies

February 6, 2018

The recent approval of two novel medications for glaucoma – the first new medications for the disorder in nearly 18 years – are fruit borne from decades of foundational scientific research supported by the National Eye Institute (NEI).

NEI-funded research suggests repetitive strain from eye movement may play a role in glaucoma

January 4, 2018

Common, unavoidable eye movements may be a cause of glaucoma in people with normal intraocular pressure (normal-tension glaucoma), according to new research supported by the National Eye Institute.