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Living With Low Vision

Living with Low Vision: Stories of Hope and Independence

This provides an overview of how people with low vision can regain or maintain their independence and quality of life through low vision services. This DVD features individuals who are visually impaired and continue to live active lives. View the full video.

Video Testimonies

People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from vision rehabilitation services. These testimonials highlight individuals who have learned to make the most of their remaining vision and maintain their independence.

Natina English
Play Natina's Video

Lawrence Harrison
Play Lawrence's Video

Erin Kerkhoff
Play Erin's Video

Joma Leonard
Play Joma's Video

ruth l
Ruth Lotz
Play Ruth's Video

Ruth Margolies
Play Ruth's Video

Once you have been diagnosed with low vision, you may find yourself pondering these questions about the impact of vision loss on your lifestyle. As the people in the video testimonials illustrate, you can continue to lead an independent lifestyle and enjoy everyday activities.

Walking, cycling, bowling, or swimming…people with low vision can do it all! Learn more!
Read the Go4Life program tip sheet, Exercise for People with Low Vision. PDF*

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