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Immunopathology Section

Current Research

Research activities and goals are divided into two main areas:

(1) Research on clinical specimens with the aims of sharpening diagnosis, understanding disease pathogenesis, and improving patient management: The focus is on two diseases, primary vitreoretinal lymphoma and age-related macular degeneration.

(2) Research on model systems of experimental eye diseases: The goal here is to study different pathological conditions mimicking various human ocular diseases such as degeneration, inflammation, and neoplasm; and to evaluate the effects of new therapeutic agents on these models.

Genetic targeted ocular disease models

Ocular tumor models

Ocular inflammatory models


Staff Picture
Immunopathology: Front row (left to right) Mones Abu-Asab, Chi-Chao Chan, Defen Shen. Back row (left to right) Jingsheng Tuo, Nicholas Popp, Alexander Ogilvy, Shida Chen.

Histology Core Staff Picture
Histopathology Core: (Sitting) Chi-Chao Chan. (Standing, left to right) Michelle Roof, Doretha Huntely, Alexander Ogilvy, Mones Abu-Asab, Janelle Coles, Iris Wise.

Name Title E-mail
Chi-Chao Chan, M.D.
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Section Head
Jingsheng Tuo, M.D., Ph.D. Staff Scientist
De Fen Shen, Ph.D. Senior Biologist
Shida Chen, M.D. Post-doctoral Fellow
Daniel Ardeljan, B.S. Special Volunteer
Nicholas Popp, B.S. Post-baccalaureate IRTA Fellow
Histopathology Core
Chi-Chao Chan, M.D. Head, Histology Core
Iris Wise Lead Histologist
Janelle Coles Histologist
Michelle Roof Histologist (part time)
Doretha Huntley, HT Histologist (part time)
Mones Abu-Asab, Ph.D. Biologist & Head, EM Core
Alexander Ogilvy, B.S. Post-baccalaureate IRTA Fellow

Last Updated: January 2014

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