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Challenge to Identify Audacious Goals in Vision Research and Blindness

Additional Information

NEI is one of 27 institutes and centers of the National Institutes of Health, a component of the Department of Health and Human Services. NEI is the principal U.S. government agency that supports vision research, both in its own labs and in universities and research facilities throughout the U.S. and around the world. NEI has the responsibility of establishing a national agenda for vision research. Since NEI was established over 40 years ago, it has conducted strategic planning activities culminating in a series of national plans and workshop reports that identify needs and opportunities in vision research. These planning efforts have relied primarily on the expertise of NEI-funded investigators to review the state of the science and describe current specific research needs and opportunities.

The current NEI strategic planning effort consists of three phases:


The following historical examples are presented to provide a sense of what is meant by "audacious goals." These were, or would have been big, bold ideas at that time. Each of these examples required multiple components and advances in a variety of areas. The NEI mission encompasses a variety of areas including basic and clinical research, epidemiology, diagnostics, information dissemination, technology development, training, and education and awareness of the special health problems caused by visual impairment. We invite audacious goals that contribute to NEI's mission.


Contacting Challenge Winners and Displaying Winner's Information and Entry:

Using information provided in the Audacious Goal Form, winners will be notified by email, telephone, or mail after the judging is completed. Winner's names, hometown, state, and their audacious goal description will also be posted on the Challenge Web site

Intellectual Property Rights:

By participating in this Challenge, each Contestant grants to NEI an irrevocable, paid-up, royalty-free, nonexclusive worldwide license to post, share, and publicly display the Contestant's audacious goal description on the Web, newsletters or pamphlets, and other informational products. Each Contestant understands and agrees that if his/her entry is selected as a winning entry, it will be discussed and refined at the NEI Audacious Goals Development Meeting early in 2013 and may ultimately assist NEI in its prioritization of research goals or funding for research funding.

General Conditions:

NEI reserves the right to cancel, suspend, and/or modify the Competition for any reason, at NEI's sole discretion.

Last Reviewed: August 2012

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